Ground Floor

Enter the home through a large screened-in porch. It takes up one fourth of the ground floor and has large, insulated glass garage doors that lead into the kitchen and the living room. When those doors are rolled up and out of the way, the whole downstairs feels open to the outside!

The top photo shows the view from the porch out to the garden and beyond. There's a gravel path from the door to the garden for easy harvesting - even in muddy weather.

Here you can look from the porch into the kitchen.

And here's a view from the porch into the living room.

We'll enter through the living room.

The house has an open floor plan, so from the living room you can see into the dining room and kitchen. (There's radiant heat in that polished concrete floor - it's toasty warm in winter.)

We'll head into the dining room. Turn around to look back and you can see more of the living room. There are lots of windows and a cozy wood stove.

Turn back around and take a closer look at the super-functional kitchen. There's great light, plenty of counter space, and easy access open shelves - plus Julia Child inspired pegboard to have all your favorite tools in easy reach.

This is the kitchen from a different angle so you can see what it looks like with the big door closed. 

That glowing blue room straight ahead is a half bath with a pocket door leading into it.

Let's take another look at the dining room and then head upstairs.

That door leads to a gravel path along the edge of the cleared part of the property and to the road.